Derek Beres has devoted his life to exposing people to international music, yoga and mythology as a means of creating better individuals and a more understanding global culture. A multi-faceted journalist, DJ and yoga instructor, he is the Creative Director of the Tadasana Festival of Yoga & Music. He has published six books, including his latest, Rise of the Sun People, and has contributed to dozens of magazines and websites regarding the traditional and digital realms of global music, yoga and health. Derek is one half of global music producers EarthRise SoundSystem, which creates innovative contexts for 21st century music and cultures to be explored. He is the creator of EarthRise Yoga, which he has taught at Equinox Fitness since 2004; recently relocated to the West Coast, he also teaches at Yogis Anonymous in Santa Monica and the Yoga Collective and Hustle & Flow in Venice.

Shyam Dodge is a Harvard educated former monk. Raised in an ashram, he has been practicing and teaching meditation, Asian philosophy, and yoga for over 20 years. He has taught workshops across the United States, master classes at Jivamukti in Germany, and led retreats to India. His memoir, Wet Hot and Wild American Yogi, continues to enjoy a cult following in the United States and Europe, both for its emotional honesty and “stop-you-in-your- tracks insights.” His collection of sacred stories, Sweetened Condensed Milk, remains a part of the curriculum in the philosophy portion of many yoga teacher trainings worldwide. Shyam’s work focuses on creating a psychologically astute and scientifically coherent conversation about contemplative mind-body practices. In this regard, he sat on the board of advisors, with Michael Shermer, for the CHSCA. In addition to his scholarly and social service efforts, he is a fiction writer, satirist and pop culture essayist.

Chelsea Roff is Managing Editor at Intent. She is a writer, speaker, yoga teacher and self-proclaimed brainiac. Her writing has been featured by Yahoo Shine, Care2, Yoga Journal, American Public Media and more. She is known for “asking the questions no one else wants to ask,” bringing topics like eating disorders, social injustice and the application of modern scientific findings to the forefront in the yoga world. Prior to entering the world of journalism, Chelsea worked as a researcher and grant writer for a Psychoneuroimmunology laboratory. As a student of neuroscience, she came to appreciate that science could be a vehicle to reduce inequality and improve peoples’ lives. Her research focused on how stress affects the body, namely how trauma and chronic illnesses impact mental, emotional, and social health. She completed two Honors’ Theses as an undergraduate: an experimental study on the physiological effects of experiencing conflicting emotions simultaneously and a meta-analysis on the effectiveness of yoga for people with HIV/AIDS. In 2011, Chelsea co-founded a grassroots organization to offer free yoga classes to children effected by sex trafficking in Dallas juvenile detention centers. She continues to support leadership teams at yoga service organizations around the country and serves on the board of the Yoga Service Council.

Philip Steir is a three-time Grammy nominated musician, remixer, composer and music producer. He co-founded and played drums in the critically acclaimed political band Consolidated. Philip’s remix of Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride” set the ball in motion for many classic songs to be remixed for licensing in movies, clubs and TV commercials. He produced the Grammy-nominated album Arepa 3000 for the Venezuelan band Los Amigos Invisibles, as well as “What Is Hip?” the Grammy nominated remix album for Warner Bros. As music producer/supervisor for several TV networks, Philip produced the theme music for five seasons of the WB TV networks image campaigns and the branding image campaign for the 2009 season for Lifetime TV. Philip’s latest work includes a remix of The Spinners classic song “It’s A Shame” and the end title song of the upcoming Farelly brothers film The Three Stooges. An avid yoga practitioner, Philip received his 200-hour teacher training certification from Yoga Tree in San Francisco in 2011.

Julian Walker has been teaching yoga since 1994 and practicing Mind-Body Healing since 1997. He studied under Ana Forrest from 1992 to 1998 and was certified by her to teach. Influenced by American Buddhism, Tantra, and Transpersonal Psychology, Julian has led workshops across the United States and in Canada and has been training teachers and bodyworkers since 2001 and sharing his twice-a-year Transformation Retreats to Ojai since 2002. He is is the author of an 8 CD audio program called Radical Transformation: A Map to Mind-Body Ecstasy, which is a modern interpretation of the chakra system, and is also currently hard at work on publishing a book about the rich relationships between brain science, spiritual practice and embodied psychology. Julian’s online blog includes articles that have exceeded 25,000 thousand readers on subjects from integral spirituality to movie reviews to depth psychology. As a result of this online work, he was featured in 2006 on the Integral Naked website in an audio interview with the well-known philosopher and intellectual Ken Wilber.